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Permanent change is possible, your skin just needs to be inspired!

Osmosis Medical Skincare + Wellness will be used for your treatments and recommended for your skin concerns for optimal skin health. This brand has been selected for their revolutionary ingredients and innovative technology to provide you with long-term results. Oncology friendly products are also available for your treatments. 

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Personalized Skincare & Wellness Regimen

Having great skin starts at home with a personalized skincare regimen. Set up a skincare analysis with Michele and she will recommend Osmosis Skincare MD / Wellness Products that will fit your skincare needs and concerns.

Osmosis Skincare MD & Wellness Recommendation


Virtual or In-Person Skincare Analysis

30 Minutes


Fee will be waived upon purchase of Osmosis Skincare MD / Wellness Products. Products can be shipped directly to your home for your convenience.

Holistic Medical Treatments

Facial treatments are both luxurious and highly result driven. Includes warm, aromatherapy towels and a light massage, you will leave feeling refreshed with glowing skin!

The Signature Facial


This facial is custom tailored every step of the way to fit your skincare needs and goals. It is a blend of revolutionary ingredients and innovative technologies that promote repair and remodeling in the skin while restoring it's radiance and beauty. Whether you are dry, dehydrate, oily and congested, or lacking in luster, a treatment will be customized for your skin type and condition.

The overall effects of this holistic and healing facial are cumulative and each treatment builds on the one before it in order to create optimal healthy skin.

75 Minutes

Advanced Technology Enhancement

Advanced technologies will enhance and boost the results of your facial for long lasting results. Add-on 1, 2, or all 3 enhancements to maximize anti-aging benefits. Michele will determine which modalities are best for you upon her professional assessment of your skin on the day of your treatment.

Facial Infusion Peel

Osmosis Facial Infusion is a non-acid peel that delivers Vitamin A and dermal remodeling ingredients deep into the skin through liposomal delivery. It will help to boost immunity and increase nutrition to the skin without causing any inflammation. Facial Infusion will thicken the dermis in aging skin, heal acne and scarring, restore capillary flow in rosacea, and help to lift hyper-pigmentation. This treatment is a complete rejuvenation of the skin.

LED Light Therapy


Celluma (LED) Light Therapy is the application of light energy to the skin to obtain therapeutic benefits. The energy will promote APT synthesis to improve cellular performance. LED is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties and has a variety of applications across many medical fields. Research has shown that light therapy can:  increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, improve wrinkles, reduce inflammation, kill acne bacteria, improve skin tone, texture and clarity.

Microcurrent Lifting


Bio-Therapuetic Microcurrent is one of Michele's favorite technologies and has become a Signature Treatment because of it's therapeutic benefits to the skin. This technology is scientifically proven to rehabilitate the underlying muscles and improve elasticity, firmness, fine lines, and stimulates APT synthesis. Regular use of microcurrent will continue to provide muscle strength and restore freshness to your appearance – It's like taking your face to the gym!


Waxing will leave your skin smooth and supple for weeks or longer and the hair will generally grow back lighter and softer than if you were to shave because it's pulled out at the root. I offer a variety of the waxes including hard and soft wax and they're all available for your specific hair and skin type. Please let me know in advance if you are using Retin A, Accutane or Retinol.

Eyebrow Wax









Does not include brows!



Half Arm


Full Arm


Upper Leg


Lower Leg


Full Leg


Bikini or Brazilian Waxing




For most woman waxing can be very unpleasant, especially in the bikini area. To make your experience more comfortable I use the latest techniques in waxing and offer a combination of traditional strip wax and hard wax for Brazilian waxing. Whether you want little or all hair completely off, hard wax causes no trauma or irritation to the skin or genitalia.
**Pricing varies, depending on thickness and how much hair is removed. Please trim hair prior to waxing, this will make waxing more comfortable.
Hair should be at least 1/4 inch for waxing removal.

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